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Aytopia is a business incubator, equity fund, and movement with Purpose, managed by Sacred Commerce. We are the Champions of the Transition, heralding the Age of Consciousness.

Aytopia is managed by Sacred Commerce, a community of Spiritual entrepreneurs and Champions of the transition, heralding the Age of Consciousness. Resonance is our playing field.

We incubate our own companies and others that support our Purpose, Raising Consciousness. This is not a public site; it is meant for incubation, pitching, testing ideas and progressive business models before we spin the businesses out.  We have opted to have our business development as transparent as possible, an experiment in Live business development: you can watch our progress, test results, and party-cipate with us. Join us in co-creating a new business paradigm.

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We Are Champions of the Transition: We are global citizens and spiritual entrepreneurs coming together to create a new world. Everybody has a Resonance, a radiance, a light that oscillates between dimly lit and enlightened. The Aytopia App empowers people to perceive and work with their Resonance by fine-tuning the filters that affect their reality, like their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and emotions…explore

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The Magic Carpet Ride: The Meditation industry is booming, reaching $2 Billion USD in market value. Mediations have entered the mainstream with an explosion of Mindfulness meditations across the globe. This relatively new and still fragmented market is ready for consolidation. Innerspace is creating a ‘clicks and mortar’ platform with an online home and physical community franchise, “Innerspace”…explore

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Awaken to Your Whole Life: Since 1981, Wholelife has been one of the pioneers and leaders in the Quality of Life marketplace, producing over 100 expositions and conferences, serving over 10,000 customers and gathering over two million attendees across the USA. Wholelife is passing the baton to the next generation, going online and global through Wholelife.TV and physical Wholelife City Hubs…explore

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Transforming Books into Xperiences: The Millennial generation want collaborative, multimedia mini e-books: ‘The Living Book’. We are serving our community during the transition by ‘passing the batôn’ from the older to younger generation, by transforming the gems of the way-pavers, creating ‘The Living Book,’ inviting bestselling authors to co-write with their audiences, and igniting the future with our children’s creativity…explore

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Your Doorway to the Social Commerce Revolution: A-Brands is developing a branding, marketing and distribution company built on a disruptive e-commerce business model that operates on the social commerce marketplace: E-franchises. A-Brands creates purpose-driven brands in categories like Eco-Fashion and Conscious Parenting, to be promoted and sold online via social networks…explore


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