Portfolio 2

Current Investments

Over the last three years, we have invested money, labor, and time developing the following companies.
We are in the process of completing the team to go to monetization and funding.

Wholelife Network

The historical Wholelife Expo and conferences’ experience is now going online and global, through retail, education, and entertainment centers in major cities, and Wholelife.tv.

Book Space

A new and disruptive technology for creating and distributing multi-media books, written alone, or in collaboration. This is the first in a series of apps being developed to enable collaborative creation in all types of media.

Aytopia Brands

Despite rapid growth and market penetration of digital commerce, two market segments have yet to effectively migrate their business models online: (1) “mom-and-pop” Retail Stores and (2) Retail Franchises. Aytopia’s “Brands with a purpose” are equipped with an attractor, a purpose that gives extra value and satisfaction for the reseller to promote products.

Kids EQ

Kids EQ is a media, education, and merchandising company focused on Emotional Literacy (EL) and Social-Emotional LEarning (SEL) for children and families.

Organic Leather

Pioneers in Organic Leather. A retail brand specializing in organically raised and tanned leather designer products and hides. The company is recreating itself and looking for a managing partner.

Historical Investments

Nouran Lighting (Saudi Arabia, UAE)

A specialist in retail lighting, providing turnkey lighting solutions .

Besa Lighting (USA)

Sophisticated lighting designs, Besa Lighting merges traditional techniques with avant-garde sensibility.

InnerSense, Inc

Formed to design, develop, manufacture and distribute advanced transformational technologies. Sound and light technology at it’s best.

Light force

One of the premier direct marketing companies focusing on superfoods. Inventors and Early Pioneers of healthfood Spirulina.
Light force

Whole life Expo

Whole life Expo was the leading face-to-face marketplace for the quality of li fe market for over 20 years, serving over 10,000 B2B customers and over one million of their B2C customers.


One of the 1st Social Media website to successfully aggregate the Eco-Centric Healthy Lifestyle demographic.

Real Music

The leading brand for new age and world music.

Pre Internet Investments

Think Entertainment

Award winning children’s media company, founded by actress Shelly Duval. Produced 2 TV series with major Hollywood studios.

Inner Space Retail Store

3rd St Promenade, Santa Monica, LA. An avant-grade retail space.

Enchanté Innertainment

A children’s media company in TV and Publishing around the meme of Emotional Literacy, producer of the original Emotional Literacy series for children and parents.

Editions Vivéz Soleil

A pioneer in alternative health and personal development publishing in Switzerland and France; created by Dr. Tal Schaller.

Enchanté/George Animation

A children’s animation company delivering emotionally intelligent content for TV, including the 13 part series called “Umptee 3 TV” in partnership with Warner Brothers. and producer Norman Lear.