Heralding the Age of Consciousness

Where your Spirituality comes Alive

Raise your Resonance

Aytopia is a community space where spiritual entrepreneurs and teachers come together to co-create a new world.  It is similar to an Expo, where you find people selling their products and services in booths. 

From the ‘KidsEq’ Conscious Parenting space, to the Astrology 3D centre, the Colors SPA forecasting game, The Innerspace Mediations area, Wholelife TV, all the way to the ‘Destined To Be’ dating and friendship network. You will find yourself in a spiritual DisneyLand of your own creation.

For members it is like your spiritual Dashboard that allows you to custom design your personal spiritual map, taking a course, collaborating on multimedia books, meditating, watching categorized and curated channels etc…  Doing your spiritual work.

We have learned so much from 30 years of Wholelife Expos and Conferences and our investments in many spiritual enterprises. We are now ready to take the magical Wholelife Expo perience Online and Global.  

Phase one is complete, we built the technology, look and feel, research, strategy, and started building the team. Now is the time to start filling up the content: channels, books, training, meditation etc…  This is our beta offering, we are targeting curators, content providers and investors to partner with. 


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