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Aytopia is the lead, forward facing company from the Incubator; Aytopia.co. It was the last business creation of the ‘Sacred Commerce’ Duo Ayman and Rowan, completed just months before Ayman made his final transition to the heavenly realms. Aytopia is full of his essence and even bears his name in its name. The ‘AY’ came as a joke in a board meeting with all the co-creators present, it stuck and is truly such a fabulous expression of the multi dimensional being that Ayman was in this one life, and now continues to be from the Angelic realms.

Aytopia.com is building a community of teachers, healers, business leaders, spiritual entrepreneurs, magicians with sparkling eyes, champions, misfits, and makers of beauty, all coming together to build out their offerings in synergy with each other. Our dream is for Aytopia.com to become a thriving space for “Real Deal” spirituality, full of curated content to assist you in your Awakening.


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Rowan Gabrielle

Executive Producer & Community Developer

Rowan Gabrielle is a visionary artist, entrepreneur and philanthropist with 30+ years experience in the conscious marketplace.
As the co-author of Sacred Commerce, she incorporates spirituality within her consulting practices.

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Samer Bou Ghader

Operations and Office Manager & Graphic Design Master

Samer is a founding partner and in charge of our HQ in Lebanon, developing and managing our in house team. An experienced photographer, video producer and graphic artist.

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Azlan Sawaf

Chief Distraction Officer

As well as being our chief Distraction officer, is also the happiness police and makes sure that every one in the office is having fun and that non of us take ourselves our our work too seriously.


Our Tech team

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Omar Elbasha

Web Developer

Omar graduated from the Lebanese University majoring in Business Computers, and Web Development (front-end and Backend-end), and building websites from scratch, here an example of his work Jessicabeirut.com.

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Aftab Ahmad

Tech Development 

Aftab is tech entrepreneur. He worked with Aytopia for over 10 years. He is now Aytopia tech advisor and supports us through his new company in Lahore Pakistan called Webihouse.

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Samir Yehia

Aytopia’s Magician and Tech Wizard

At 17 Samir know’s more than most of us about how to build a website – he is our trouble shooter and trouble maker and speaks tech as his 1st language – a true tech wiz.

Building Partners

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Robert B. Gelman

Partner/Business Developmen

Robert Gelman is an entrepreneur, author, editor, musician, interactive media developer, and producer of large events, including conferences, trade shows, and festivals. He has also held senior marketing positions and consultancies with leading publishing and software companies.

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Ken Sabot

Partner/Business Development

Ken brings more than 30 years of executive management experience in operations and finance with companies in the health and wellness industry. Ken has served on several Boards of Directors for more than 20 years, has been an active executive participant in several start-up ventures and has been a mentor to young business leaders and executives

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Bruce Cryer

Partner/Business Development
Bruce is founder of Renaissance Human, a consulting firm specializing in developing the full creative capacities of individuals and organizations. Bruce was one of the founding directors of HeartMath, the acclaimed stress/performance research institute, where he also served as CEO for 11 years.

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Marc Strauch

Partner/Business Development

With more than 25 years of strategic planning, marketing and executive leadership working with Fortune 500 and early stage technology companies, my passion is growing innovative thought-leading companies from product development to commercialization and market traction.


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