Aytopia Inc. is an incubator of start-up ventures in the realms of Technology, media, commerce, and education. We incubate both our own companies and client companies, the primary benefit of an incubator is realized through lowering the start-up cost of operations, in shared offices, management, technology, and other expenses and in the choice of ventures that have synergistic relationships working together or separately.

We Are Technology Agnostic

The world of technology is our playing field; however, the platforms on which the businesses operate are neither the unique strength of the business nor a limiting factor. Technology changes at a rapid pace in this age and any business that is locked into a particular platform is inherently limited. Our businesses utilize various types of advanced networked technologies but can move easily to new platforms as advances are made.

Experienced Team

We are a community of spiritual entrepreneurs with vast experience in media, marketing, technology, community, and collaboration. Besides our own self-financed companies, Aytopia also helps other spiritual entrepreneurs to incubate their own visions and business within its platform.

Global Perspective

We are a global firm with offices in the US and the Middle-East, the structure of the company is flexible enough to allow spin-off of its ventures into domestic US, European, or Middle-Eastern companies.


Our founder, Ayman Sawaf launched his first company Nouran lighting in the late seventies, during the first oil boom in the Middle East. Beginning with lighting stores in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, he went on to build a global lighting company with retail, wholesale, and manufacturing divisions, in addition to providing turnkey lighting solutions for major construction companies.

After leaving the Middle East, Ayman began to turn his attention towards the global stage and three of the core influences on humanity: media, education, and business. Disappointed with the negative and shallow impact they seemed to be having in the world, Ayman decided to focus his attention on improving the quality of content within Media and Education and inspiring innovation and collaboration within the business. (read more on Aymansawaf.com)

After successfully exiting the lighting business, Ayman’s main focus became pioneering Social and Emotional Learning as the missing ingredient in both education and parenting, creating Publishing, TV, and Film companies in Hollywood in partnership with some of the largest Media companies including Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, HBO and well-known producers like Norman Lear and Shelly Duvall.

At the turn of the millennium, Aytopia (known then as Wholelife Holdings) attracted various partners and investors and entered the quality of life market, funding, and founding several companies. In 2016, Aytopia partnered with a group of forward-thinking executives to launch Aytopia Inc. a business incubator.