E-franchises and Brands with Purpose.

Your Doorway to the Social Commerce Revolution.

Aytopia Brands is a cloud-based, branding, product sales and distribution company built on a disruptive e-commerce business model that operates in the social commerce market space. Aytopia E-franchises

Social Commerce is the emerging wave of e-commerce that uses social networks like Facebook as viral points of retail sales, enabling friends, family and communities to foster friendship, content, and commerce. Social commerce uses the power of trusted word-of-mouth, advocacy and education within social networks to support consumers in making their buying decisions.

What is an E-franchise? Think of E-franchises as similar to a franchise or a network marketing company that develops a complete product, marketing, and sales program – pre-packaged for sale by an independent franchisee who has access to a fully developed product line, marketing and sales plan. E-franchises are ideal for any person seeking additional income through e-commerce but do not have access to wholesale products or fulfillment capabilities and desire a turnkey e-business opportunity that pays a reseller commission rather than a lesser affiliate payment. 

Brands with Purpose: We create purpose-driven brands. Our test brand is KidsEQ, the Conscious Parenting store.

Purpose 1 – To support parents in raising emotionally intelligent, empowered kids. 

Purpose 2 – to serve the SEL ( Social Emotional Learning) industry (with its hundreds of amazing mom and pop brands), providing it with a sales rep organisation, sharing, selling and educating friends and family.

Progress report:

We have a very thorough, long term, business plan with detailed financials for Aytopia Brands.  However we are not yet ready to move on it until we see the results of our first E-franchise test to prove the business model. If the KidsEQ Conscious Parenting store is successful, then we are ready to roll out a series of Topic Based Franchises. 

– Technology. We have worked out the tech and tools needed to put our store into any Instagram profile, or FaceBook/Linkedin Page.

– We currently have two young people, studying psychology , working on searching the internet for games, training, apps, wellness  and eco products for conscious parents (the clients).

– Rowan and Ayman are curating the products found/chosen until the brand manager is found.

– All the legal documentation needed between the company and the franchises and vendors are ready to execute.



Current Needs:

A manager/partner for the first e franchise brand, the KidsEQ store. We have already hired and are training team members in lead generations, vendors relationships and social media marketing. We’re looking for a managing partner with the support of our team in Lebanon.

Some of the responsibilities :-Manage the lead and curation team ( the team is here in Lebanon at our office)-Manage relationships with vendors. (team is here in Lebanon at our office)-Managing the e-franchises sales in FB and Instagram. (team could be in Lebanon or in the US)

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