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Transforming Books into Xperiences

Books That Never Die

The days of reading 100+ page books are over. The Millennial generation want their books to be short & to the point, multimedia-based, and collaborative, an Xperience: The Living Book.

The Living Book is a multi-faceted format that is launching a platform to publish, co-write, champion authors, celebrate creativity and unleash collective genius in various ways:

  1. Gems of the Past: We are collecting the gems of past bestselling books to transform them into ‘The Living Book’ format and translate them into multiple languages. Raising books from the ashes, Bookspace supports the community by pulling these great works and re-publishing their wisdom in collaboration with younger writers — writing books together.
  2. Today’s Gems: Bookspace will invite hundreds of leading millennials and influencers to write their books with us, in collaboration with their networks, to expand our community exponentially and further reveal the collective genius at play.
  3. Authors & Audiences: We offer bestselling authors the opportunity to write their next book with their audiences.
  4. Kids Teaching Kids: Bookspace empowers children to write mini e-books together and share them with other children. Kids teaching kids while having fun, writing books and sharing their ideas is the epitome of edutainment — the Tiktok of books.
  5. Competition Connects: As a part of the marketing plan for the Aytopia platform as a whole, community members are encouraged to co-create their own Living Book with monetary incentive.

Progress Report:
We have designed and created the first Living Book, titled “The Age of Consciousness: Surfing the Disruption“. We are in the process of testing our marketing and collaboration ideas on social media.

Current Needs:

Looking for a manager to test the ‘living book’ idea.
• Will people want to collaborate?
• Do our social media distribution plans work. (We have the social media team inplace to execute and work alongside the manager).

                                                                                                                                     Aytopia, the first Live Bz Dev by a Startup