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The Magic Carpet Ride

The First Clicks and Mortar Meditation Platform

The meditation industry is booming, exceeding $2 Billion USD in market value. Mediations have entered the mainstream, not unlike Yoga, as evidenced by the explosion of Mindfulness meditations in businesses and schools all over the world. This relatively new and still fragmented market is ripe.

Like the fitness wave with Spas and Gyms popping up everywhere 50 years ago, and recently the yoga craze, the incoming wave is undoubtedly Meditation.

Innerspace is creating a ‘clicks and mortar’ platform with an online home and physical community franchises, “Innerspace.” The Innerspace centers are curated, designed meditation stations equipped with sound and light technologies, meditation rooms, VR, and much more.
Innerspace will be franchised around the world, in the form of city hubs on ‘the block’, meditation rooms in company headquarters, and spaces in existing yoga centers, etc…

Virtually, we are providing a space where anyone can:

  • Experience a diverse and abundant catalog of curated meditations
  • Request customized meditations to meet your personal needs
  • Create your own meditations to share
  • Join group meditations of all kinds

Progress Report:
We are currently researching and testing the latest in light, sound, and frequency technology, and sound healing. Including wearables and personal home units.

Current Needs:
We are looking for a Manager. A meditation maven that would like to curate all the meditation playlists and source leaders wanting to do group and global meditations.

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