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Raise Your Resonance

Fine-tune your Filters

Aytopia helps you discover more about your Resonance by building a community support system and toolbox to help you raise your Resonance in various ways (ie. mediations, courses, curated media channels, conscious commerce, e-Franchise opportunities, and much more)

The old paradigms of cause and effect, where the past causes the present, is waning. We create our reality by attracting the future to the present, against the backdrop of the past: our Resonance. Aytopia is developing its app as a fun assessment tool to perceive, expand and work with your resonance.

Everybody has a Resonance, a radiance, a light that oscillates between dimly lit and enlightened

Every single thing in the Universe is vibrating at a particular frequency, including our thoughts, feelings, and subconscious beliefs. Our Resonance is made up of many frequencies that all merge together creating a synergy that is far more powerful than the sum of its parts.

Some of these frequencies are constricting and some expanding. As they blend, they create a wave that is ever-changing. Therefore, when we fine-tune our filters, we change our reality.

Our personal filters work in a similar fashion to the filters used in photography and social media apps today — operating as the lens that color and influence how we view and interact with the world. By working with our Resonance filters, we can live a more empowered, extraordinary, purposeful, conscious, and meaningful life as reality creators.

Progress Report:
We are in process of developing the map for the Aytopia platform and its community while building the team to develop the Resonance app with its trainings and programs. We are working on our first training, the cornerstone of the Aytopia app. Called “The Emotional Alchemist” which you can see on the Courses tab.

Current Needs:

A business partner, who would like to be the manager of the incubator with Rowan and Ayman moving to a supporting role.

We need help in developing the Resonance App (not tech but content), allowing anyone to create via few questionnaires etc ta map to help them with raising the resonance to attract magical realities.

We need help in finishing the first training we call The Emotional Alchemist.

We need help in developing the Emotional literacy parents training.

Aytopia, first Live Biz Dev by a Startup